Renault Trafic R9M 1.6 DCI Engine Replacement Cost

Renault Trafic R9M 1.6 DCI Engine Replacement Cost

The costs for a fully reconditioned replacement engine for your Renault Trafic R9M 1.6 DCI which comes with a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty is as follows:

R9M Engine Series

The price for a reconditioned R9M series engine supplied by us is £2150.00 + VAT.

The price for us to fit the R9M series engine is an additional £1000.00 + VAT 

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Geoff holgate
Geoff holgate

Hi I have a Renault traffic 2017 plate had from new it’s done 170,000 there’s a few things like drive belt 4 new glow plugs leaking intercooler & a blocked dpf filter would you recommend a reconditioned engine I have a 10k water fed pole system in it for window cleaning the condition of body i& interior is mint thanks

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