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Because of our experienced staff, we provide a friendly and knowledgeable service. Using our computerised part recognition system, we can quickly identify and check the availability of injectors and related parts, allowing us to provide you with instant confirmation of price and delivery for any specific parts. When compared to new car parts, we guarantee significant savings when purchasing our parts.

Specialist Diesels is the leading Diesel Fuel Injector Reconditioning Specialist!

We are now experiencing new diesel engine problems due to diesel injector failure since the introduction of high pressure diesel common rail injectors a few years ago. Excessive return flow from diesel common rail injectors has been found to cause a significant percentage of failures. This back leakage issue in diesel common rail injectors causes diesel engine hard starting, erratic idling, and a lack of power.

We take great pride in the quality and appearance of our rebuilt diesel fuel pumps and diesel common rail injectors.

We recondition Bosch and Delphi diesel fuel injectors for most makes and models of automobiles and commercial vehicles.

We can test and calibrate traditional, two-stage, and high-pressure diesel common rail, Bosch, Delphi, Siemens, and Stanadyne diesel fuel injectors on our cutting-edge diesel fuel injector test bench.

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