Notification of damaged items in transit must be made through our store within twenty-four hours, and images of the damaged item's packaging and the part must be provided in order for claims to be processed. Simply click on this link to alert our staff to a problem.

Return fees will be assessed for any deliveries that are unsuccessful for reasons that are not the responsibility of the courier or the seller. These fees are billed to SPECIALIST DIESEL LTD and WILL be passed on to the customer.

A restocking fee of 20% will be applied to the price of any and all returned parts that were correctly supplied. Any Warranties offered are not transferable in any way.

Please be aware that we are not going to punish anyone for making a mistake or changing their mind; rather, we are just going to pass on the charges that we incur.

International returns Please note that if you are returning anything to us from a country that is not a member of the EU, you are required to correctly fill out a customs declaration and indicate that the package contains "returned goods" or something similar. We will not pay the fee that is assessed on your package if it is held up in UK customs, and we will send it back to you along with a refusal to pay notice. We will not, under any circumstances, be required to pay the customs duty that is associated with retrieving our parts.

If you are processing a return for an international order, please contact our after-sales team via email or give them a call at +44(0)1254388860 to book the faulty or incorrect return. We will then advise and assist you with the return. Please provide as many specifics as you can about the issue being reported.

If you have received your order but are missing an item, please check your dispatch note to see if there is any indication that the item is going to be sent out separately. If there is no such indication, then the item must have been included in the original shipment. If the item is not included on the shipping note, you should expect it to arrive at a later time. Please send us an email with your order number and a description of the item that is missing, and we will look into the matter further after you do so. If the item is listed but is not present.