Vauxhall Vivaro Campervan Conversion

Vauxhall Vivaro Campervan Conversion

Vauxhall Vivaro campervan- A detailed review

Greatness came in the form of Vauxhall Vivaro, leveraging the PSA Group's DNA to make it more like a car to drive than ever before.

Approved by Vauxhall, the Vivaro series of campers is manufactured by Wellhouse Leisure and features a base model for all your needs, from 120hp 6-speed manuals to 180hp 8-speed vehicles. There's also a fully electric 75Kwh automatic 136ps option and an impressive list of specs across the range.

Reason to buy

  • Excellent conversions that the manufacturer supports.
  • Excellent specifications with options to suit all needs, including electrical models.
  • Slide sheets make it easy to create different spaces and storage options.

Guide 5/5

There are plenty of possibilities to keep you moving. The Vivaro campervan range includes a lot more features. When it comes to driving assistance for safety and connectivity, there's a 7-inch colour touch screen with satellite navigation, a panoramic rear view camera, and all the entertainment you'd expect. Models include lane departure warning, side shading spot warning, collision warning with emergency braking, panoramic rear view camera, driver sleep system, and more. The list will grow steadily. Adding air conditioning to the driver's and passenger's swivel seats can create an ideal environment in terms of comfort. This is a complete list of specifications for any vehicle.

Design 4/5

Thanks to Wellhouse Laser, Vauxhall's four-seater Vivaro Camper van manages to put the b in subtle and still manages to stand out from the design crowd. Avoiding the last year's stereotypes with box bodies on wheels, body-colour bumpers, dynamic lines, and daytime running lights on the wheels. This makes it look beautiful on the road, in the field, and on the road.

Living 4/5

Both the passenger and driver seats rotate to create a welcome common space in the camper's centre. Comfort is provided in Vivaro's Webasto 2kw blown air heating system, and the tracker and mobile app guarantee technical convenience and peace of mind. There is also an 8-inch colour screen digital control panel for displaying the tank levels of wastewater and freshwater.

Gas barbecue spots and the optional Thule Omnistor awning expand the space available for outdoor dining and entertainment. A 150W solar panel (currently standard equipment) absorbs as much sunlight as needed. At dawn, a wealth of PowerPoint options and mood lighting set the scene for bedtime relaxation.

A flash hob with two burners and a sink means that you can fold the splash guard when not in use, which will provide additional space on the worktop for cooking and serving.


The kitchen has plenty of storage, and the 25-litre refrigerator has plenty of space to keep all your essentials cool. Furthermore, the raised roof system makes any meal preparation a spacious matter for creative culinary campers.

The roof space has an optional top roof bed supported by Flori spring, and the rear two-seater seat belts are converted into 1.88m x 1.17m lower beds. Making the bed assembly easy. Tilt the bench forward and pull the lever to lower the backrest, and the top of the bed will fold flat on the back of the Vivaro RV.

Value for money 4/5

One of the great things about this Vivaro camper is that it is a fully ratified conversion. Therefore every model holds Vauxhall's three-year 60,000-mile warranty. With this compact camper, there is plenty of internal space and offers plenty of options for everyone, whether it's relaxing, moving, or travelling with a pet.

A fantastic option for those who want to spend the year on vacation as the 120hp 6-speed manual starts at less than £ 50,000.

Why buy? 5/5

An adorable campervan that offers both practicality and discreet style. The slide sheet on the back means that every trip can be different as well. If you need van-like storage, slide the seat forward into a huge trunk. If you want to relax and stretch your legs, slide the seat behind and enjoy a vast lounge.

To conclude, as they have received a quality certificate from Vauxhall's parent company Stellantis (formerly Groupe PSA), for these van modifications, which shows that they have excellent standards and longevity. This means you can rest assured with peace of mind on-site or on the road

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