Why Buy A Vauxhall Vivaro 1.6 DCI R9M Reconditioned Engine From VehicleWise.co.uk?

Why Buy A Vauxhall Vivaro 1.6 DCI R9M Reconditioned Engine From VehicleWise.co.uk?

VehicleWise supplies quality built engines, transmissions and diesel injectors / pumps. Including re-manufactured, re-conditioned and OEM parts. VehicleWise has earned an excellent reputation for service, expertise and efficiency.

A motivated and dedicated workforce with knowledgeable technical staff and a wealth of experience in major parts procurement are on hand to deliver the quickest, most reliably proven and cost effective service possible

You can order your specialist car part directly. Getting the right part is crucial, which is why our qualified engineers answer every enquiry. Just tell us what you want. Use our form on the left, or browse our stock online, or give us a call

Our efficient service helps minimise vehicle downtime. Our competitive pricing helps you lower bottom line costs. Our experienced technical staff have the know how to deliver the quickest, most reliably proven and cost effective service possible.

Here’s what you can expect:

•        Ultra-High Quality Parts - We disassemble, inspect, and test the reconditioned R9M engine as a whole while inspecting each individual component replacement for high quality. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that all gaskets, pumps, bearings, and more are built to last.

•        OEM Specifications - Our VehicleWise team follows all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications with uncompromising attention-to-detail, ensuring that your engine performs with the ideal timing, rpm, component fitting, and more.

•        Skilled Technicians - We sustain our reputation as trusted leaders in the reconditioned engine market through our knowledge, care, and hands-on experience. Having worked with Vauxhall Vivaro engines for years, we understand the key inner workings that drive performance and long term reliability.

New Part Replacements

Our reconditioning process comes standard with new big end and bottom end bearings, piston rings, gaskets, seals, and valve stem steals in addition to a new water pump.

Cleaning & Tune Ups

As part of our process, we reground the engine crank, reseat all valves, carry out engine timing using a new timing belt kit, and conduct engine compression testing. We also clean, pressure test, and skim the cylinder head.

What’s Not Included

Please note, our refurbished engines do not include turbo chargers, injectors, or ancillary items such as manifolds, flywheels, alternators, fuel pumps, or starter motors, though our VehicleWise team does sell these separately.


The following are the prices for a fully reconditioned replacement engine for your Vauxhall Vivaro R9M 1.6 DCI, which comes with a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty:

R9M Engine Family

A reconditioned R9M series engine supplied by us costs £1750.00 + VAT.

We charge an additional £1000.00 + VAT to install the R9M series engine.


Do you require assistance? Get in touch with our parts experts, who will gladly assist you with your inquiry. You can also contact our team via live chat or by calling +44 (0) 1254 388860. Regardless of which option is most convenient for you, our team is here to assist you.

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