Engine & Gearbox warranty Information and claims procedure.

All engines and gearboxes after installation must be serviced according to manufacturer’s suggested service schedules or every 6 months/6000 miles whichever comes sooner. Oil & water levels must be checked on a daily basis or warranty will be invalid. Servicing must be carried out by a VAT registered garage in mainland UK. Specialist Diesel Ltd only guarantee the parts supplied and quality of workmanship in any repair, customer supplied, and existing components will not be covered by warranty. Gold Seal & Silver Seal Units - In the event of engine failure or gearbox failure after 28 days only Specialist Diesel Ltd are authorized to carry out repairs unless agreed in writing. In the event of a fault the vehicle must be stopped immediately and not used. Damage caused to units due to use after a fault has occurred will invalidate warranty. The entire vehicle must be returned to Specialist Diesel Ltd workshop facilities. Specialist Diesel Ltd will not be liable for any costs incurred in recovery or transportation. Specialist Diesel Ltd warranty covers main engine unit only and/or gearbox only. All other engine components are not covered including cam belt, water pump and tensioners. All sensors, electrical components, fuel pump, injectors, wiring, manifolds, EGR valves, air flow meters and all components which are outside the engine unit are specifically not covered under warranty unless supplied new from us. Failure of units due to external components (i.e. radiator failure) will void warranty as will misuse of vehicle, rallying, off roading or social off-road use, use as a taxi or abuse, customization (i.e. aftermarket air filter etc.), theft, vandalism, impact or accident damage. Specialist Diesel Ltd will not be liable for any costs/losses in any event as a result of unit failure whatsoever. In any event if required Specialist Diesel Ltd reserve the right to replace/repair any unit at their own discretion. Bronze Seal Units are intended for Trade Use and warranted for major mechanical component failure only. All seals, gaskets (excluding head gaskets) are specifically excluded from warranty. Cambelts, timing chains, tensioners, water pumps, oil pumps, valve body, electronic components and any external ancillary components supplied and specifically oil and water leaks are excluded from any warranty on Bronze Seal units. All warranty claims will be treated as priority and resolved as quickly as possible. Any consumables/non warranty components required will be supplied on a chargeable basis. All units are security marked by Specialist Diesel Ltd for future identification. Fraudulent claims will void warranty and will be reported to the relevant authorities.  Warranty is applicable only to the person/company named on this invoice and is non-transferrable.

Specialist Diesel Ltd recommend that you subscribe to a roadside recovery agent in case of breakdown. The AA and RAC in our opinion offer the best services but other recovery agents are available at competitive rates. In any event Specialist Diesel Ltd are not responsible for recovery of your vehicle or any subsequent charges or costs incurred as a result of breakdown.

Credit facilities are provided on the basis that all payments will be made as agreed on time. In the event of a warranty claim or issue with works undertaken, or components supplied you agree to continue to make all payments required. Customers that choose any of our payment plan options agree that all goods remain the property of Specialist Diesel Ltd until paid for in full. The credit agreement is direct with the third party company and failure to fulfil payments on time may result in legal action to recover monies and your credit rating being affected. Specialist Diesel Ltd have no power or control over this agreement. In the event of non-payment Specialist Diesel Ltd reserve the right to retrieve all goods / components supplied with all costs incurred being borne by the customer and you the customer give full permission for us to undertake this without notice.

Turbocharger warranty Information and claims procedure

Specialist Diesel Ltd offers a warranty, to the original purchaser, for the repair or replacement of their turbochargers for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. Proof and date of the original purchase and purchaser will be required before any warranty can be contemplated. Units for which a claim is being made must be returned to Specialist Diesel Ltd completely, any attempt to dismantle or repair the unit will invalidate the conditions of warranty. The warranty does not cover the cost of any labour or materials required to remove or re-install the turbocharger, or any other ancillary costs other than those directly attributable to the repair or replacement of the turbo charger itself. All other liabilities such as indirect or consequential loss (inc loss of profit) are expressly excluded.

No warranty is offered for any Specialist Diesel Ltd turbocharger used for competition purposes, or in any case where manufactures standard boost pressures or fuel settings have been changed or any device is used to modify them.

Proof may be required of proper maintenance of manufactures routine service levels and intervals, with particular regard to oil and filter changes. Failure to comply with manufactures service requirements will invalidate this warranty.

It is vital that the turbocharger is fitted correctly, please follow all vehicle manufactures instructions as well as Specialist Diesel Ltd checklist. Removing and re-fitting a turbocharger is a relatively simple task but should not be attempted by anyone without the necessary experience or expertise to do so.  Specialist Diesel Ltd recommend that their turbochargers are fitted by someone possessing the knowledge to do so correctly. Incorrect fitting, poor engine condition or maintenance, insufficient or incorrect air or oil filtration could all lead to a warranty claim being rejected.

In order to assist claimants and prevent further problems, Specialist Diesel Ltd will issue a report on the condition of any turbocharger returned during the warranty period. This is usually a very good indicator as to the reason for any turbochargers premature failure.

An independent engineers report may be recommended in the event of a claim remaining unresolved. If we have any disagreement about this warranty which we are unable to resolve we will both abide by the decision of an agreed arbitrator or, if we are unable to agree one will be appointed by the law Society.

This warranty is in addition to, and does not detract from the contractual rights that you have under statute and common law. We comply with the Consumer Contracts Regulations – Full details can be found online at: